There are critical bedrocks to optimising the sales process and systems and a well-designed CRM software tool can be specified to support them and then managed to drive sales team productivity and return…………….. and these considerations become important for selecting the most appropriate tool. Customer classification and coverage; prospect profiling and penetration; infrastructure to support farming existing customers – account management structures, partnership planning; infrastructure to support hunting brand new customers – pipeline and/or opportunity management design , hunting-flushing-trapping sub-processes; Sales Exec scoreboard and league table development often get missed in the vendor driven scramble to ensure that all department staff can enter notes against the contact record, the Marketers can undertake snappy email blast campaigns, and other “vanilla” functions.

The key learning in watching sales organisations continually squander significant amounts of money on CRM products and then disparage its “underperformance” is …………..

…… and redesign your sales processes, practices and systems first and then specify the right CRM tool to support and automate………….

…….don’t select the ‘right” CRM tool and allow it (s vendors) to constrain your sales processes, practices and systems to what the post-purchase implementation will tolerate.

In October we will be considering the topic :Sales vs Service….what is the right balance when it comes to the focus of effort of your expensive Sales Team. We are sure you will find this interesting.

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